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We dug up cool finds in the town forest metal detecting NH

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We find a bunch of cool stuff buried in the ground in the town forest.
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With our Garrett ATGOLD and ATPRO metal detectors we went to the town forest to do some metal detecting relic hunting. This was a colonial farm going back into the 1700s and people lived there until the early 1900s, so there is going to be a lot of different finds here. We started out by going into what was the old field and found a well with and bunch of iron in the ground. Relics like spoons, suspenders and buckles not to mention all the iron pretty much showed us that there was an old house back here. We then moved around a bit closer up to where the cellar hole was and started finding a lot of early 1900s finds amongst the modern trash. Notable finds were a tail cap from an old Eveready flashlight and a Frank Jones beer barrel bung tap from over 100 years ago. The tap was from the Frank Jones brewing company in Portsmouth New Hampshire and you don\'t find those everyday.

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Digging up cool stuff in the town forest metal detecting

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